Equity is more than just a buzzword.

And we're more than a consulting agency. We're here to help you and your team connect with a diverse community and become leaders in equity.
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We are an education equity firm who partner with schools and other education organizations, to share our expertise in equity, inclusion, and radically authentic communication. We help you create a culture in which everyone can navigate any challenge with courage and sensitivity — so that every learner thrives.

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Who we help —

K-12 Educators

Teachers, counselors, administrators, trainers. Our work is grounded in K-12 education research and classroom instruction.


We help companies across industries to create inclusive and equitable work cultures — for all.

Higher Education

We help higher education learners and faculty in creating inclusive, equitable, authentic communication strategy.

Small Businesses

We use our expertise to strategize with business owners and their teams to create lasting change.

Education Equity

One of our studies finds that in education, a great deal of inequity exists. Indeed, students from the statistically highest achieving groups report experiences with racism, unmet support needs, and inequity.

Reported feeling their teachers believed stereotypes about them.
Reported they wanted more individual help from teachers
Needed help developing time management skills.
Wanted more opportunities to review new content.

No limits.

Equity does not mean everyone gets the same of everything, or that everyone must perform at an equal level. It means everyone gets what they need to thrive.
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Learning to support my diverse team and helping them to thrive has completely changed my understanding of my actual job as a leader.
Working with New Northeast has been like hiring a life coach but for our entire staff.
Paul Weir, HC300
THANK YOU! I rarely recommend anyone so wholeheartedly, but New Northeast is just THAT good.
Filera, Education First DC